Thank goodness for the athleisure trend! For years I have been wearing the "pretend I'm going to work out outfit but really I'm not" but now I can just say that I'm wearing athleisure :)  No more lies about heading to the gym, I can just wear my favorite stretchy pants and LIVE.

Ok, it's really not that serious but I really do enjoy wearing these knit leggings every single chance I get. I have three separate pairs of them, I like them so much. They wear like a legging but are thick so that if the wind blew your shirt up, you wouldn't be flashing anyone. And thank goodness for LOFT's petite sizing! They are the perfect length and fit. I wear a medium petite in them and the seam makes for a nice, almost skin tight fit. LOVE is an understatement.

I've complained about Mike complaining that I need to wear more comfortable shoes when we go about our business. Does he just not get that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for a stunning pair of shoes?!?! Men.

I do love these Nike Free sneakers though. For the longest time I have hated wearing sneakers outside of the gym because I felt so clunky in them. These Nikes are super lightweight and feel like I'm not even wearing shoes, my preferred footwear (it's the Filipina in me, my parents always had us barefoot around the house).

I threw my essentials into my khaki colored Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody, which is one of my favorite handbag styles EVER, and we're off to run errands in comfort. Thanks athleisure ;)

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