Four Years Later - Office Trench

I am a blog photo amateur. Mike is such a supportive husband so he and I go out and take photos together. On this particular day, the wind was blowing like cray so I was constantly flipping my hair out of my face while Mike would jokingly shout “stop being unprofessional”. But seriously, it’s already weird (for me at least since I’m still new-ish to this) to be in public taking photos plus fighting with my hair to stop being crazy… it’s just a mess.

Now that I’m done with THAT tangent, when I was in the Big 4, I had a client in this area of Fort Worth. We were working 80 – 100 hours for 7 months straight (literally, I’m not being dramatic this time). I lived at the Omni and Mike and Juicy would stay the night with me so at least I saw them for 5 or 6 hours before going back to work. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

These rocks were the place my friends and I would go to calm down, so we aptly named them the calming rocks. Really this was the calming courtyard because we’d take walks up and down the walkway when we were at the point of breaking down. Despite those memories, I have a love for this area and sitting in this area makes me feel so calm *wooooosaaaaaa*

I liked coming back to this area, 4 years later and seeing how far I’ve come in my career and as a young lady in general. Making new memories in this area with an outfit of my favorite things… best way to reminisce.

What I’m Wearing:
Target Mossimo Side Split Tee | SheIn Trench Coat | LOFT Seamed Ponte Pants | Ivanka Trump Carra Pumps | Henri Bendel Carlyle Satchel [similar tote on sale!]


  1. Hi there! Just came across your blog while looking for inspiration regarding the CPA exam. I'm a newlywed, working at Big 4 as a Senior - life pretty much took over my life and I couldn't focus well enough to take the exams, but I've recently found a whole new push to get these exams done! Started following you around here and you've definitely got a follower in me. Happy Busy Season to you, and thanks in advance for all the helpful tips and inspiration to live a seemingly well-balanced life while working in the big bad world of public accounting! :)

    Take care,

    1. Hi Pia and congratulations on getting married :) I totally understand how life took over the whole CPA exam process.... I don't think it's possible to work in the Big 4, plan a wedding AND study for the exam. I'm so glad to connect with a fellow public accountant and hope you have a great (and hopefully smooth) busy season!!

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