If you've been following my vlogs then these updates won't be a huge surprise to you. BUT if you don't, that's okay too :)  I wanted to share with my blog friends how we finished one side of the closet.

More exciting news, I bought the final pieces to complete the other wall of my room from the Container Store (shocker, I know, branching out from the IKEA family) so another update will be coming within the next couple months... I just need to catch Mike on a good weekend so he can put it up for me otherwise I'd have massive holes all over my wall.... If you're looking to get a closet system started, the Container Store is having 30% off elfa, which is what I bought, until February 15th.

For the last piece of this wall, I wanted a section to hang my longer wardrobe pieces. We used the same exact brackets. The rods and shelves are the exact same as the tops/bottoms section except they're just a little smaller.