Happy Easter y'all! This dress is the epitome of spring. Light, floral and pastels..... I knew I wanted to break it out ASAP when I received it from Chicwish. The high neck collar and gauzy material just reminds me of spring, it's such a pretty, feminine piece I'm excited to add to my wardrobe.

If you've been a long time reader or subbie of mine, you know I'm very VERY picky about anything touching my neck so I don't see this dress doing too well with me once it starts to get super hot. But for right now, while it's still a tiny bit chilly, the neckline doesn't bother me.

I paired the dress with the t-strap heeled sandals I got last year. They aren't the most comfortable sandal I've ever tried. The strap tends to rub against my baby toe so I don't recommend them for lots of walking. But they are such a minimalist heeled sandal, I can't help but love them.

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