Happy Easter y'all! This dress is the epitome of spring. Light, floral and pastels..... I knew I wanted to break it out ASAP when I received it from Chicwish. The high neck collar and gauzy material just reminds me of spring, it's such a pretty, feminine piece I'm excited to add to my wardrobe.

If you've been a long time reader or subbie of mine, you know I'm very VERY picky about anything touching my neck so I don't see this dress doing too well with me once it starts to get super hot. But for right now, while it's still a tiny bit chilly, the neckline doesn't bother me.

I paired the dress with the t-strap heeled sandals I got last year. They aren't the most comfortable sandal I've ever tried. The strap tends to rub against my baby toe so I don't recommend them for lots of walking. But they are such a minimalist heeled sandal, I can't help but love them.

What I'm Wearing:

Every spring brings a sense of renewal. Something about the weather warming up, my busy season slowing down and having a little more free time helps me reassess situations in my life. The past few months have been somewhat of a struggle. Dealing with a lot of negativity in a situation that I can't really change other than to move on and to change my view on situations/things/people. It's helped me reassess the direction I want to take my YouTube and blog, in a more positive direction and to leave the more entertaining but negative things more private. In some ways, this situation has helped better myself because for a little bit there, I was being more negative than I normally would and it's made me reassess whether I want to be known for that or for more positive reasons. While I felt like I was providing real world content for the everyday person, I'm going to reign it in a bit so I hope y'all will understand and enjoy the content I do put out.

I'm working on living a healthier lifestyle (eating better and exercising more regularly). Yesterday I went to 2 yoga sessions, started with hot vinyasa and ended with more basic, non-heated vinyasa.... probably would have been better to do it the other way around. I am SORE today. Not sure how I'm going to carry Juicy around during her vet appointment today (because she wants me to hold her the entire time) but I'll figure it out lol.

We've been cooking more at home and have been more cognizant of what types of food we're eating. As we've been getting older and with Juicy's diabetes, it's made us more aware of what kinds of food we're eating and being more physically active. So I'll be sharing that part of my journey with y'all in lieu of my rants :) Although I'll probably have more personal rants along the way but you get what I'm trying to replace.

I've been doing this whole internet thing for almost ten years so I'm "used to" the cyber bullying to an extent. To have something like this happen in my real life has been shocking. It gives me more reason to be a better and more positive person to make up for those who think making fun of others or putting others down are fun hobbies. So for those who have been encouraging and supportive, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you.

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  1. Hi Stephie! This look is so beautiful, perfect for spring :) The heels that you paired with your dress are really nice, even if they aren't too comfy. I always like when spring comes around, too. Can't wait to experience warmer weather again!! I'm still (constantly? lol) trying to figure out what I wanna do with this blogging thing, so it's great that you're learning what is best for you right now =) I'll enjoy anything you decide to post! <3 Yoga and healthy eating? Great job! I've been into weightlifting and I reaaaally am trying to stay disciplined with it, ugh. boy is awfully quiet, gotta run! lol