Romping Around

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I want to start by first thanking the women and men of our country who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom. I often take for granted the liberties I have since this is what I'm used to. Many of the things and conditions I'm in right now came from hard work on my own part but it would not be possible without the freedom we have being Americans.

I'm often outraged and say "that can't be possible" when I see injustices on the news or in documentaries about basic liberties like not having the freedom to choose your way of life.... mainly because I have not witnessed it in this lifetime. As I've grown older, I am more humbled and thankful for the opportunities and freedom of choice I (and others) have.

Mike and I have been enjoying our day and relaxing. Selling off items that collect dust and deserve a new home. Going to my morning yoga class & catching up with a long time friend. Taking a light nap in the middle of the day and a mini Sonic Oreo Blast. Now I'm off to get some food for us to cook up for tonight. It's been a great day and a very nice, long weekend. I'm kind of getting bored so I'm glad to get back to work tomorrow as well as explore some upcoming opportunities that have dropped in my lap....

It's been a WHILE since I shopped at Old Navy and I forgot how inexpensive yet stylish their clothes can be. This romper is super breezy and comfortable. It wrinkles a little easily when you sit down in it for a while but I find that happens to me a lot in any romper.

These sunglasses are less than $20 and are a duo mirrored effect of pink/green. Kind of a weird combo but I still like them. I can be very careless with my sunglasses so I can't shell out a ton of money on a pair... at least not yet ;) I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!!

What I'm Wearing:


  1. that romper is perfection!! love the shade and the cut.
    Southern Elle Style

  2. You're a total cute, I absolutely love your sunnies & the romper is perfection. Cute sandals too! xx

  3. I'm careless with my sunglasses, too. I lose so many pairs.

  4. Adorable romper! I love the neckline!

    Taylor |

  5. Beautiful outfit! Rompers always look so weird on me but you are slaying!

  6. love the color on that romper! i always think rompers are cute but just a little bit unfunctional haha. but so cute!


  7. You are so cute! I love this romper!

    Amanda ||

  8. Love the sunglasses!!

    Xo, Brianne

  9. That is such a stunning romper! I love that you can dress it up or down! Those sunnies are amazing - they change color!


  10. That romper is amazing! Perfect for those casual days and running around town!

    Signed by,
    Shelbi |

  11. I love those glasses on you! I want some fun mirrored ones, too =) And I also try to keep my sunnies inexpensive...I always lose them ha.