Makeup For Work: Full Coverage Foundation

Funny story, if you watched my recent vlog, you know I had a nightmare of a morning last week. That same day, I was helping with a proposal for work and needed to include my headshot in my bio (first time I had to make a bio for work, which was kinda cool hehe). Needless to say, I was NOT headshot ready, hair was in a pony tail, no way to salvage it unless I wet & styled it (thanks humidity & power outage). Face was all sweaty from battling my garage door (who knew it was SO complicated to manually open an electronic garage door ughhh).

There was NO way I was going to take a picture to include in a work project with THAT mess.... so we used a photo from when I started at my firm. Braces and all :) But it looked professional....

Anyways, it feels very apropos to share my full coverage foundation routine and how I do the rest of my makeup for work. This is the makeup I'll be wearing when I do get my headshot done, just will try to not sweat in the garage for an hour beforehand :) The video is on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see how I apply it all!

What I'm Wearing:

I recently purchased a 10-18mm wide angle lens. Casey Neistat shared this lens since he uses it in vlogs. I wanted to give it a try, it's pretty inexpensive for a lens and it'll take nice, wide shots of my dressing room, whenever I'm ready to share the progress :) What do y'all think of the picture or video quality?

Juicy was not in the mood to be on camera or take pictures..... #missattitude


  1. Love the photos/lens. I also love this cut/color on your hair. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    I really like your blog and YouTube channel! I have a question and hoping you may have some advice. How do you deal with dwelling on work situations? I can't seem to let it go once I get home, can't stop thinking about it. My work promotes work/balance but it's hard to let go once 5pm hits. Thanks

    1. Hi Yessie! Totally understand the struggle. For me personally, I have to give myself pep talks, reminding myself to let it go, if it's something I can't control, just leave it be. It's really a mind over matter thing... I know that's not super helpful or tangible but I have to remind myself that there is more to life than my job and to not allow it to affect me in my personal life. Just something I've had to learn over the years. Some things that help me is having a hobby outside work like yoga, working out, my blog/YT, Juicy & Mike. Or I try my best to keep my mind off work when I drive home like listening to an audiobook. It takes time to develop a mental block and to not feel guilty about it but at some point in time you will have to draw a line.... work life balance doesn't work unless you start putting up boundaries :) I wish I could give you more tangible advice (I'm still working on it as well) but that's really all I do, just try hard to focus on the things you love outside of work so you don't dwell on whatever is going on at work.... wishing you lots of luck and sorry for the book!! haha

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