I'm a firm believer that just because you may work in the corporate world, you still can express your individuality. Whether it's through your clothes, makeup, hair or even more non-physical ways like continuously being positive & optimistic, speaking only good things about others or keeping your promise when you say you'll do something. But since my blog post wouldn't be much without some photos, I'm choosing to share how I express myself through my style :) Some people may have differing views. Some people may say "I'm not trying to impress anyone" in an effort to passive aggressively put you down for maybe dressing up more than others. But as long as you're owning your style, owning yourself and not hurting anyone else, then who even cares! #randomthoughtoftheday

I'm a lover of anything blush & stripes. This outfit combo is so girlie yet conservative enough for the office. I've had this skirt for AGES and it's been a staple in my wardrobe. ModCloth keeps it in stock pretty much at all times so it's safe to say it can be a staple for you too! Another staple are my heels, I currently own 4 colors and may/may not be getting more (leaning heavily on the may....). If it ain't broke...

What I'm Wearing: