Luminous Dewy Makeup for Work

Hi y'all! If you've been watching any of my vlogs, you know I have been rocking a luminous face for quite a while. I wanted to look like either a) I got enough sleep the night before or b) I'm glowing from within. I know there are so many awesome highlighting and luminous makeup tutorials out there. Mine is a bit more on the subtle side and makes it work appropriate (always my goal). Here's how I do my luminous face routine for work:

For foundation, I mixed a pump of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 with MAC Face & Body Foundation in C3. I love the coverage of Studio Fix but it can be a bit too mattifying, especially during cold weather where my skin tends to be more dry. The Face & Body adds just enough moisture and dewiness. I recently have been trying a YSL foundation that gives the same effect and seems to be a better color match.

Concealer for my undereyes is such a deal breaker for me. I love this concealer. It conceals any darkness while really brightening your face. It can be a bit on the heavy side so I thin it out with a damp Beauty Blender. I set my concealer immediately after with this powder. I have it in shade #1 which is a translucent, white-ish shade with small flecks of glitter. It's not my fave. They used to have another shade that was more on the warm side but it was discontinued :(

I like to use bronzer to give more dimension to my face, especially on normal work days. MAC Give Me Sun Mineralized Skinfinish has been a new fave of mine. For blush I grab whatever I'm feeling that particular day. I have been loving how MAC Harmony has been looking on my skin. I used to use it as a contour but since I don't do it daily, I have really been liking the matte tan-ish flush it gives.

Then to take my glow to ANOTHA LEVEL, I dust on some MAC Soft & Gentle MSF. It is legit, hands down the BEST highlighter out there. Trust me. It gives a beautiful, luminous glow without any flecks of glitter. I cannot say enough good things about it. As you can tell, I'm a MAC addict & have been for my entire adult life. BUT if I had to recommend just one product... it would be this.

I get my brows put on then set the areas without powder product with Hourglass Dim Light Powder (one non-MAC product, OMG!!). I love the soft focus it gives and just smooths your entire face. My lip combo usually depends on how I'm feeling that day. I used MAC Soar Lip Liner with MAC Modesty Lipstick. Then to lock in the dewiness and remove any powder residue, I drown my face in MAC Fix+ and that's it!

For the video, I threw on my favorite falsies but on the daily, I use liner, mascara base & mascara.

Let me know if you try any of these products! And remember, the most beautiful glow comes from within. No amount of beauty products can replace your inner beauty so above all, focus on that.... these are just tips in case you want a little boost on the outside :)


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