Hi y'all! I remember growing up, my mom would take my sister and I to networking events - usually at hotels or convention centers - and while she did her networking thang, we'd sit in the lobby hanging out. That was my idea of networking for the longest time. People getting together, talking about I don't even know what and being super bored. Not very mature but that's from a 10 year old's viewpoint. Soooo..... (might be wondering why she brought us with her, that's the life when you don't have other family in the area but I digress).

Over the past year, I have started networking at my job, internally and externally, and I've learned a few valuable lessons. Be involved with organizations that you are truly interested in then the networking part comes naturally. Go into networking with the goal to build relationships rather than seeing it as "who can I meet to bring in business". You never know, one person you meet might refer you to another person, that's the magic of networking!

This week I connected with the head of a local association. Not accounting or audit related but within an industry I focus in at work. Funny enough, I went to an event with some work peeps a couple of weeks ago, met a couple of people organically and exchanged business cards. One of those people connected me to this person and now we may have more opportunities to build relationships with others in my industry who eventually may need a public accounting firm for something. Anywho, I felt SUPER pumped about it. So if you're like me and have never really been into networking, give it a try! Do it with an association you have an interest in and you may just find you like it too :)

I have been obsessed with mom jeans lately and I love styling them for workwear. Casual Friday is upon us and this has been a go to outfit as of late. I bought these from ASOS while they were on sale. I've already gotten so much wear out of them. A total steal!! My top is actually a crop top which makes for a perfect tuck into something high-waisted. This blazer I bought on sale years ago and finally got the sleeves taken in. Now it's a fave piece in my closet. If you're able to get your hands on these wedges, be sure to size up a half if you have regular to wide feet. I love the studs and espadrille-esque sole.