How to Know When to Switch Jobs

Hi y'all! As some of you may know, I recently switched jobs and obviously while I was deciding whether to do it, what I wanted out of life, etc., I wasn't able to share my rationale. So in addition to sharing this super cute outfit, I wanted to give you a few of my thoughts. Maybe it will help you if you're in the same boat.

Also, FYI - mom jeans = thigh toe. Own it girl!!!

What I'm Wearing

What is important about your career? I thought about this long and hard before I made my decision to even start looking for another  opportunity. Everyone's answers are going to be different. Even over time these factors can change. What you viewed as a deal breaker when you were 25 may not be a deal breaker when you're 29. I think it's very important to constantly reevaluate if your current career, company, team, etc., meets these criteria. You obviously want to make these criteria realistic and attainable. For a dramatic example, if you want to make $1 million right out of college, honey, almost all jobs and companies will fall short (although I'm sure it can happen).

For me, my criteria has more or less been:

  1. Culture - What is the overall "feel" of the people? How do the majority of people communicate? How is feedback provided? What is/isn't acceptable in the workplace? What behavior/actions are rewarded? Is hard work appreciated? How much does politics play a role? Do you like being around your co-workers for minimum 8 hours a day? 
  2. Growth opportunities - are there opportunities for you to move up in your career (if you wanted/worked for it)? Are their opportunities for you to pursue your interests? Do you have mentors who support you? 
  3. Compensation - am I making enough money doing what I do? Am I making enough money to put up with what I do (so key)? Remember, PTO, flexibility, insurance, bonuses, etc. all make up compensation.
  4. Work/life balance - this is a criterion that varies the most in my opinion. Everyone has a different view on what work/life balance means. Some believe it means a person works their required 8 hours then goes home and that's work/life balance for them. For me, it was never about the amount of hours I worked or having last minute projects pop up. I expected it and while I didn't jump for joy, that never made me question my career. As long as I could take care of Juicy, attend to my personal life and have a break when I needed, I felt that was work/life balance for me. Sometimes that means working 50+ hours a week but going home to beat traffic and getting back online. Or doing something for my personal life and working in the evenings. Of course it varied depending on my client, deadlines and whatnot but hopefully you get the drift.
  5. Are you excited to go to work or do you dread going to work? 
  6. Do you add value? Do you feel like you're doing you're best and asking for feedback but feel like a mouse on a never ending wheel? 
  7. Living your best life - is the job, the people you're around ultimately helping you live your best life? It's so easy to say "leave work at work". The stress, the drama, the highlights and the low. There are times when inevitably, what happened during the day is going to affect you. Whether it was good or bad. The key is how you handle it and it's definitely a sign if more often than not, you bring baggage home. 

After weighing all of the above and spending over a year trying to fix what I felt I needed to fix to give this a fair shot, I came to the conclusion it was time for me to see what was out there. I knew I had a passion for internal controls and tried to pursue options within my firm which unfortunately there were none at the time. So far it has been a really good move. I have been much more happy, more focused on what matters in my life and overall feel I have a healthier life. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, I'm only a month in but I can see a drastic change when I think about where I was a year (or even a couple of months) ago.

I hope this thought process can help you if you're unsure of your next move. Be fearless. Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Wishing you the best of luck!


  1. Stephie, it is such a huge coincidence but I actually got a new job the around the same exact time as you did. It is only my second job out of college but I wasn't fulfilled at my first one and wanted a change of pace. My new job has a lot of similar perks and characteristics as yours like the open workspace, free food, and free gym membership where my old job did not. I've been following you for a year now so it's so nice knowing we're in the same boat! You've been such an inspiration and role model to me. Where I am now is a lot more laid back and I believe is in the right direction of where I want to take my career but I am also feeling some growing pains. I'm finding it hard to fit in with my new team and keeping up with all of the new information to learn. Since you're in a similar position starting a brand new job and have moved jobs before, do you have any advice? You seem so personable, I can imagine you are adjusting seamlessly so it would really mean a lot to me! Thank you! <3

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